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            BCNP Consultants GmbH

            Your benefits by BCNP: Access to market data, chemistry expertise and innovation networks.

            The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

            Unique business speed dating for chemical industry


            Most direct route to new customer and partners


            Decision-making reliability for strategic decision

            Working with BCNP means getting access to outstanding networks

            BCNP Consultants, founded back in 2002, is a consultancy company specialized on the branches Biotech, Chemistry, Nanotech and Pharma. BCNP is initiator and organizer of the European Chemistry Partnering (ECP), connecting start-ups and SME with Corporates and Investors. BCNP brings client together with new potential customers (BCNP connect) and offers market analyses, technology scouting and business planning for making strategic decisions (BCNP Strategy). BCNP’s customers appreciate the simultaneous understanding of technology and economy. Holger Bengs, chemist and founder of BCNP, and Tobias Kirchhoff, business chemist and head of the Cologne office, are the VCW regulars table organizers for Frankfurt and Cologne.

            • market analysis

            • Market Analysis

            • innovation scouting

            • technology scouting

            • events

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            BCNP Consultants GmbH
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