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            My watch list

            Moving Data: Across Systems, Technologies and Time

            Data must be able to bypass systems and technologies easily and persist over time. The software Limsophy helps hereby more

            Lab 4.0 - Moving beyond Digitalization in the Lab

            Empower users to analyze data better, by making information more accessible and usable throughout the lab processes with STARLIMS Integrated Solution more

            Save up to 70 Percent of Time and Costs in Method Validation

            Throughout more than twenty years, VALIDAT established itself as the leading software solution for efficient method validation. Today VALIDAT supp ... more

            FP-LIMS from Fink & Partner GmbH quality assurance in production, research, environmental analysis

            Flexible - FP-LIMS is highly adaptable and quick to integrate ? Powerful - database as core, various modules complement it to your perfect solution ? more

            Save Time, Money and Frustration - Pipette Management Simplified

            EasyDirect maintains a complete history of your entire pipette inventory including calibration certificates and verification reports more

            Software development services in the area of instrumentation, automation, and data management

            Execom is a software engineering house focused on the entire development cycle - from idea, design, production to maintenance of complex software ... more

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