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            Molar mass calculator

            Please enter a chemical molecular formula (Input is case sensitive: Co;Cobalt, CO;carbonmonoxide) und click on "Calculate" to determine the molecular mass of the compound.


            Units converter

            Please choose the type of unit and the units for conversion.

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                  Acronym search

                  You are looking for the definition, abbreviation or acronym. Use our acronym database to find it.

                  Acronyms for ...

                    Disclaimer: The entries in the acronym database stem from various sources. Although the majority of these should be correct, some may be incorrect or superfluous. The database, which consists of more than 12,000 entries, is of course not complete. In addition to the abbreviated designations of chemical compounds the focus is placed on acronyms which are used in chemistry or spectroscopy.

                    Signs & symbols

                    Here you find sign and symbols used in chemistry and in the lab.

                    Danger symbols GHS
                    • Danger symbols (old)
                    • Requirement sign
                    • Ban sign
                    • Warning sign
                    • Hazardous good classes GHS
                    Vial Selector

                    Select the best vials for your analysis by anwsering three easy questions.

                    Column Advisor

                    Recommends the best column for your method requirement.

                    Period system

                    Periodicsystem of the Elements

                    Filter Selector

                    Determine the right filter for your sample composition.

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