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            The Professor finally corrects an "embarrassing" mistake in our video update for element number 44. more


            Element 115 has been named Moscovium, after the city of Moscow. more


            Throwing Francium into water would be "the YouTube video of the century" according to our favourite chemistry professor! But is it possible? more


            Roentgenium is element number 111 and was created at GSI in Germany, where we made this film. more

            Latest Videos

            2mag – Innovative Magnetic Stirrers – 100% Wear-Free

            2mag is a young enterprise with more than 30 years of competence in the conception, development, production and sales of magnetic and inductive drive concepts, as e.g. magnetic stirrers and reaction blocks. All our mechanical as well as electronical hard- and software components are develop ... more

            Automatic Fibre Extraction for Feed Analysis

            The usability of animal feed and its impact on animal health depend in large part on the proportions of the different fibre fractions that it contains. In the field of biogas production, the fibre fractions of substrates in fermenters are determined in order to distinguish the carbohydrates ... more

            Finally, Safe and Simple Acid Hydrolysis for Determining the Total Fat of Nearly Any Sample

            In many sample types, the fat is not freely accessible to the solvent and it cannot be extracted in full. In milk, for example, the majority of the fat is surrounded by membrane and in oil seeds it is surrounded by cell walls. The bonding of fats in starch-lipid complexes or to lipoprotein ... more

            Berghof reactor technology - high- and low-pressure reactors, pressure vessels and metal-free reactors

            NR low-pressure reactors, DB metal-free reactors and DAB pressure vessels.Smart instrument concepts allow an easy handling of all Berghof reactors. Due to helpful tools, opening and closure of the reactors is fast and with few effort. Extensive accessories support an efficient use of the re ... more

            Speedwave Microwave Digestion - the Matching Device for Every Microwave Digestion Task

            Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH offers two systems for sample preparation via microwave digestion for heavy metal analysis using ICP-MS, ICP-OES and AAS. The expert-level device speedwave XPERT allows reproducible digestions even for difficult to digest samples. The entry-level device s ... more

            NEW: The first Variable Speed Rotor Mill which can be used as Centrifugal as well as Cutting Mill!

            Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 premium line - Ideal for soft, medium-hard, brittle, hard-brittle, fibrous, temperature-sensitive materials and all this with an extremely fast sample throughput. more

            Simple, rugged and trustworthy density meters

            The digital EasyPlus density meters have been developed for fast and accurate measurements with automatic temperature control, small sample volumes and minimal operator dependency. Accurate and reliable results EasyPlus density meters guarantee high reliability and high precision, with an a ... more

            Simple, Rugged And Trustworthy Refractometers

            The digital EasyPlus refractometers have been developed for fast and accurate measurements with automatic temperature control, small sample volumes and minimal operator dependency.Accurate and reliable resultsEasyPlus refractometers guarantee high reliability and high precision, with an acc ... more

            Measure particle sizes from 0.5 to 50,000 μm in real-time and under the most extreme process conditions

            SOPAT particle measurement system more

            Lab 4.0 - Moving beyond Digitalization in the Lab

            There is no doubt that technology has impacted the way labs operate, and will continue to do so. In today’s competitive landscape, organizations need to take a holistic view of their lab processes and identify areas for improvement. The future of laboratory software will evolve into more fu ... more

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