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2mag – Innovative Magnetic Stirrers – 100% Wear-Free

Inductive wear-free magnetic stirrers, single and multiple positions, submersible up to +95°C and air temperature resistant up to +200°C, 100% more

A Safe Reliable Alternative to N2 Cylinder and Dewars for Your LC/MS

On demand nitrogen 24/7 at the touch of a button more

Finally, Safe and Simple Acid Hydrolysis for Determining the Total Fat of Nearly Any Sample

Classic acid hydrolysis is time-consuming and dangerous, due to the acid. C. Gerhardt developed HYDROTHERM to solve this problem more

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Mixed Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Minimize the risk of violent reactions with our practical, precise instructions for mixed, separate or segregated storage of small or large volumes more

Widest Variety of Filter Paper Products for Laboratory and Process

The extensive Filter Paper Catalogue presents 105 different varieties, the largest selection of filter papers, glass fiber filters, extraction thimbles, blo ... more

Discover the Safer Side of Solvents

Our new brochure presents our latest range of safer and sustainable alternatives to traditional solvents, which protect you and the environment more

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Lab 4.0 - Moving beyond Digitalization in the Lab

Empower users to analyze data better, by making information more accessible and usable throughout the lab processes with STARLIMS Integrated Solution more

Save up to 70 Percent of Time and Costs in Method Validation

Throughout more than twenty years, VALIDAT established itself as the leading software solution for efficient method validation. Today VALIDAT supports valid ... more

FP-LIMS from Fink & Partner GmbH quality assurance in production, research, environmental analysis

Flexible - FP-LIMS is highly adaptable and quick to integrate ? Powerful - database as core, various modules complement it to your perfect solution ? more

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The newsletter keeps you informed about the current events in the fields of chemistry, analytics, laboratory and process technology with news, products, company profiles and technical information.
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Fast, Easy and “Green” Analysis of phthalates in polymeric substrates

A fast and easy method without sample preparation to replace cumbersome, time consuming techniques for determination of regulated phthalates in polymers more

Pesticide Residue Testing – Accurate Standard Preparation

Advantages of automated liquid dosing with the LabX software compared to conventional manual preparation more

Processes & Protocols

Mass flowmeters with Profinet allow automated processes to be monitored and to react in real time to alarms and error messages more

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Your benefits by BCNP: Access to market data, chemistry expertise and innovation networks.

BCNP Consultants is a consultancy company specialized on the branches Biotech, Chemistry, Nanotech and Pharma. more

GMP Certification Programs

The European Compliance Academy (ECA) organises events in the form of GMP training courses, GMP conferences, GMP in-house training courses and GMP webinars. ... more

Product Development and Contract Manufacturing of Granules and Pellets

Specific changes in their morphology or coating with functional polymers can improve the performance of additives more

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